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No Pain No Game?

February 1, 2013

“Your pain threshold is used to decide what quality of football player you are, and what quality of person. Injuries are used as a gauge. And I’ve done it, too. Many times, I’ve been battling through injuries, soreness, or pain, and I’ve seen a young guy come off the field for something minute. And I’m thinking, What a p**sy — let’s get a guy in there who’s tougher.”

This quote really describes how injuries are seen in the NFL. They are seen as a weakness, not an obstacle, which I think is a huge problem. Players feel like injuries cause their teammates to question their toughness, and the only ways to prevent that is playing through them. The easiest injury to play through is also the worst injury to play through. Concussions can look like there is not anything physically wrong, so players feel like their still able to suit up. Playing through an injury like a concussion could be detrimental to a players long term health. I know this a business for these players but the mindset of health before football should become used throughout the league.

After reading this interesting article about real NFL players accounts of injuries I have a new perception on really how they are looked at.



This is a photo of South Carolina’s Marcus Lattimore during a game where he suffered this terrifying injury.


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