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F For Failure

February 15, 2013

It is absolutely astonishing to hear of parents doing papers, or projects for their kids. To be honest I have doubts about how spoiled or ill minded my generation can be. What I mean Is, kids think everything comes easy and they don’t have to put the work in. There are parents out there that want their kids to so so well that they go too far. I know kids when I was in junior high kids would brag about there mom or dad doing their science project or whatever. It did nothing but piss me off. Like I put time into my project, although it may my have been much, time that these kids put zero into but yet I’m stuck with the bad grade. I mean, I got what i deserved but that kid bragging about his mom’s project didn’t.

These parents are only hurting their kids and they don’t even realize it. I remember failing my first high school test and it really was a slap in the face. I could not just sit back and relax like I had done up until that point but I am glad it happened because know is the time to learn. Learning from all of the mistakes throughout high school will only prepare me further during the next chapter in my life, college. After reading an article from a teachers perspective about the issue of over parenting, it makes sense that the kids who have everything done for them are to dependent to be responsible on their own. I’m happy that my mom makes me do my laundry and  my dad makes me pay for my own things. By them making me more independent, I will never be looked at like I looked at the kid who bragged about his mom doing his project. Parents do your job and let your kids fail.



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