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Are we there yet?

February 25, 2013

After choosing a topic that I believe will keep me interested throughout this project in Fantasy Football, it is time for me to start honing in on subtopics and research. Picking a topic that interests me is very important because I find that if I am researching just a topic I don’t tend to put fourth my best effort. I feel like my sub-questions are good because they provide different views of the same underlying question. They will all have their own information that relates back to the same question. The hardest thing for me when I could be researching could be not to just regurgitate information that I read, but to make sure I can put it in terms that the everyday person would be able to comprehend. For example people who may not know a whole lot about sports or in some cases just new technology. After just now beginning I haven’t found all of good information yet but the few pieces that have come up have given me a good liftoff point. One thing I really want to do is get an interview or just get information from fantasy guru Mathew Berry, who is an ESPN analyst on all things fantasy. With his knowledge and tenure with the game, his information will be more than fantastic to have.

Though this class has been more than just writing a paper, I feel like all of the “extra” things we have been doing like blogs and reading the textbook are only going to improve our final product. Also working in small groups is great for feedback that you can understand because those peers of yours are doing the same project along with you. To be honest, I don’t think I would be able to just write a good research paper without some of the information that I have learned before the actual paper comes in. 

We are not there yet, but we are getting there


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