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March 8, 2013

As I start to begin the actual writing of my paper, I am still concerned about correct way to go about it. As I am constantly looking around on the internet for new ideas of what to write about, I have even come up with new questions regarding my topic. The new question really just “fell” into my lap without even thinking twice about it. I have an idea of the question but have not thought how to word it. After looking through some stuff it dawned on me the media outlets have adapted their products to benefit those that play fantasy football. Your thinking that can’t be the only reason why they chose to adapt, but it could be a large deciding factor. Their is show that was created in 2009 for the diehard NFL fanatic. The shows called NFL Redzone. It is six hours of fantasy heaven. Basically it is Scott Hansen, the host, bounces back and fourth between every game that is going on. They will show every score, every big play, and every drive which is in the “Redzone”. Although it is not deemed for just Fantasy players I can almost guarantee that 90 percent of people who bought the package, play fantasy football. Your average NFL fan doesn’t care about the Jaguars playing the Bills so its clearly not for everyone. It extends beyond just this tv channel, with new shows strictly made to better your team and give you up to date news on your players. As I am just trying to begin the writing, I am still generating new ideas because that is just how my brain is working right now.


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