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Capstone Night

May 8, 2013

Although I thought not getting a grade on Capstone night was stupid, I still think the experience of presenting in front of strangers is great. It was neat to talk to knowledgeable people on my topic and hearing there honest, fresh opinions. Their feedback was unbiased and better than kids in our class because they just heard my project and not twenty others. They were able to give individualized feedback and that just made the experience better. Also presenting to people I did not know was a neat experience too. With people I know I thought it would be easier to present, but talking to two strangers who new about sports i felt really comfortable with everything I had to say. I feel like my overall presentation was better because of the in-class practice presentation. That practice gave me an overall game plan of what to say for the real deal. Although the real presentation was a little less formal, I felt like it was very easy to talk about my topic the second time around.  The pressure was off and I was able to comfortably give my presentation. Another cool part of the capstone night presentation was the questions that my particular community reveiwer asked me. Instead of tips for presenting or base level questions he asked me a couple of great open ended questions that made me think. I could not go to my presentation and look for an answer, I had to think about everything I had done and work that into the answer for the question he had asked. To me, I felt like I did my job correctly if his questions were that complex!

In the future I think that there should be a little more riding on the second presentation. Maybe a smaller grade on how well each person was prepared and how they spoke in front of strangers. It seemed like we were just doing capstone night for the fun of it. Overall it was still a great experience but I feel like there should be more riding on something that we worked all semester to prepare for.


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