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As I start to begin the actual writing of my paper, I am still concerned about correct way to go about it. As I am constantly looking around on the internet for new ideas of what to write about, I have even come up with new questions regarding my topic. The new question really just “fell” into my lap without even thinking twice about it. I have an idea of the question but have not thought how to word it. After looking through some stuff it dawned on me the media outlets have adapted their products to benefit those that play fantasy football. Your thinking that can’t be the only reason why they chose to adapt, but it could be a large deciding factor. Their is show that was created in 2009 for the diehard NFL fanatic. The shows called NFL Redzone. It is six hours of fantasy heaven. Basically it is Scott Hansen, the host, bounces back and fourth between every game that is going on. They will show every score, every big play, and every drive which is in the “Redzone”. Although it is not deemed for just Fantasy players I can almost guarantee that 90 percent of people who bought the package, play fantasy football. Your average NFL fan doesn’t care about the Jaguars playing the Bills so its clearly not for everyone. It extends beyond just this tv channel, with new shows strictly made to better your team and give you up to date news on your players. As I am just trying to begin the writing, I am still generating new ideas because that is just how my brain is working right now.


Are we there yet?

After choosing a topic that I believe will keep me interested throughout this project in Fantasy Football, it is time for me to start honing in on subtopics and research. Picking a topic that interests me is very important because I find that if I am researching just a topic I don’t tend to put fourth my best effort. I feel like my sub-questions are good because they provide different views of the same underlying question. They will all have their own information that relates back to the same question. The hardest thing for me when I could be researching could be not to just regurgitate information that I read, but to make sure I can put it in terms that the everyday person would be able to comprehend. For example people who may not know a whole lot about sports or in some cases just new technology. After just now beginning I haven’t found all of good information yet but the few pieces that have come up have given me a good liftoff point. One thing I really want to do is get an interview or just get information from fantasy guru Mathew Berry, who is an ESPN analyst on all things fantasy. With his knowledge and tenure with the game, his information will be more than fantastic to have.

Though this class has been more than just writing a paper, I feel like all of the “extra” things we have been doing like blogs and reading the textbook are only going to improve our final product. Also working in small groups is great for feedback that you can understand because those peers of yours are doing the same project along with you. To be honest, I don’t think I would be able to just write a good research paper without some of the information that I have learned before the actual paper comes in. 

We are not there yet, but we are getting there

F For Failure

It is absolutely astonishing to hear of parents doing papers, or projects for their kids. To be honest I have doubts about how spoiled or ill minded my generation can be. What I mean Is, kids think everything comes easy and they don’t have to put the work in. There are parents out there that want their kids to so so well that they go too far. I know kids when I was in junior high kids would brag about there mom or dad doing their science project or whatever. It did nothing but piss me off. Like I put time into my project, although it may my have been much, time that these kids put zero into but yet I’m stuck with the bad grade. I mean, I got what i deserved but that kid bragging about his mom’s project didn’t.

These parents are only hurting their kids and they don’t even realize it. I remember failing my first high school test and it really was a slap in the face. I could not just sit back and relax like I had done up until that point but I am glad it happened because know is the time to learn. Learning from all of the mistakes throughout high school will only prepare me further during the next chapter in my life, college. After reading an article from a teachers perspective about the issue of over parenting, it makes sense that the kids who have everything done for them are to dependent to be responsible on their own. I’m happy that my mom makes me do my laundry and  my dad makes me pay for my own things. By them making me more independent, I will never be looked at like I looked at the kid who bragged about his mom doing his project. Parents do your job and let your kids fail.


James “Flight” White back to the big stage?

If I told you the best dunker in the NBA on average only plays like six minutes a game, would you believe me? If you didn’t, get ready to be awed. James “flight” White is arguably the best dunker on the planet and no one has heard of him. Why has no one heard of him if he is so good you ask? Well, he averages 1.8 points per game with the Knicks in his third season… He may not be the best player around, but he sure can throw it down.         Image

He has a chance to be right in the spotlight during the biggest dunk competition on the planet, the NBA All-star Dunk Contest. Personally, I have met the man back in the day at a University of Cincinnati basketball camp. It was NUTS to see him dunk from the court, it was like watching a Pogo-stick leap high into the air and just viciously throw the ball down. He was so exciting to watch in college because any opertunity he had to wow the crowd he made sure he did just that.

As a player who really is not blooming into an everyday player in the league, this is going to be the biggest “game” of his life. With 100,000 dollars on the line for the winner, the pressure is on. ESPN did a fantastic job telling me how it all started with a well written article. 

Lets face it this could be the best thing to ever happen to James. He has worked hard throughout his career and it has not really gone so well. This could be a huge bright spot in an otherwise uneventful start to his career.

No Pain No Game?

“Your pain threshold is used to decide what quality of football player you are, and what quality of person. Injuries are used as a gauge. And I’ve done it, too. Many times, I’ve been battling through injuries, soreness, or pain, and I’ve seen a young guy come off the field for something minute. And I’m thinking, What a p**sy — let’s get a guy in there who’s tougher.”

This quote really describes how injuries are seen in the NFL. They are seen as a weakness, not an obstacle, which I think is a huge problem. Players feel like injuries cause their teammates to question their toughness, and the only ways to prevent that is playing through them. The easiest injury to play through is also the worst injury to play through. Concussions can look like there is not anything physically wrong, so players feel like their still able to suit up. Playing through an injury like a concussion could be detrimental to a players long term health. I know this a business for these players but the mindset of health before football should become used throughout the league.

After reading this interesting article about real NFL players accounts of injuries I have a new perception on really how they are looked at.



This is a photo of South Carolina’s Marcus Lattimore during a game where he suffered this terrifying injury.

Could football Kill people?

Researchers have found signs of a crippling disease in living football players. This new knowledge can change football as we know it. People researching this topic at UCLA have conducted a study to really find more about this topic. their findings were described as a “step toward being able to diagnose the disease known as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or CTE, in living patients.” Now that doctors can connect football with CTE, they know what to be looking for in their football playing patients. The fact that all players now may have a small chance of developing this disease may change how people percieve the sport of football as a whole. If i were a parent, I would not let my kids play football knowing it could be detrimental to their health later in life. Right now doctors and disease specialists are still looking to make advances in treatment but their is no timetable for a cure. Just the correlation between football and CTE is a step in the right direction. These new findings could really change how people think about the sport of football.

This is another article titled, Concussions, CTE and the death of football that talks more in depth with individual cases.

What steps could society take to help sports become more safe?

Should we stop playing contact sports to save lives?