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the end is near

April 5, 2013

After finishing the first draft for the first four sections of my research paper, I am beginning to realize I have a lot to fix. Firstly, my section three was especially difficult to write before writing the actual research section. In section three the goal was to establish credibility as a researcher, as if I am not already credible enough. Though I had some sources and people to talk about I didn’t really know whom I would be really using for the bulk of my research. So after completing my section for and I used more of my sources I can go back and add better information about the people I cited in my research.

The next important thing for me to do is get an interview. I started out big and tried to land one with two decorated TV hosts who are involved with ESPN and NFL Network but that did not pan out. My new approach, thanks to my teacher, is to talk to someone who has knowledge of the game and has played long enough to have experience before use of the Internet. My teacher actually was talking to her brother in law who has been playing for many years and truly enjoys the game.  This will be perfect for my research about how technology has influenced the game.  I have to say my work has come along way since the start and I can truly say I learned a lot on a topic I thought I new a lot about.


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